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NEW! Transform your biggest fear or blockage in minutes!

An online training packed with the latest findings and aha experiences!


In this training...

  • you will learn how the Instant Change Method is structured and why this method solves blockades and fears so quickly
  • you will experience the Instant Change Method first hand in a group application
  • you will learn how you, as one of the few in Europe, can now learn this revolutionary method and help many people to improve their lives
  • you will also learn how to use Instant Change to build up a successful and location-independent lifestyle business business (you only need your smartphone for it), in case you are looking for this possibility.
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Take a look at what our participants have to say:

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Three absolute unique selling propositions:

  • With Instant Change you don't have to look for problems or talk about fears. The most important thing is to know how you want it
  • Instant Change works in all three areas of the human system simultaneously: in the brain (consciousness, subconsciousness), in the body (cell information), in the energy field (aura) and that is why it is so effective
  • Instant Change fits into today's world, as the method is based on the latest findings in neuroscience and quantum physics
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Your host: Daniel Weinstock


Daniel Weinstock is one of the TOP 10 most successful trainers in the German-speaking world.

More than 8 years ago he developed the "Instant Change Method", which helped him to be a happy family man, husband and top entrepreneur. Until today he has further developed this approach and brought it to perfection.

This method is so powerful because it changes negative beliefs and destructive behaviour in a few moments.

Attention: This is an absolutely new and independent method, NO modification of NLP, hypnosis, CQM, quantum healing or other known methods.

Daniel Weinstock is sure that now is the time for contemporary methods to help many people in a flash.

Instant Change is fast and it lasts! How about having this life-changing experience?

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